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Virtual Graffiti Wall

On The Flipside brings you the latest, above the curve and cutting edge technology, The Virtual Graffiti Wall. The Virtual Graffiti Wall works as a digital canvas where you can paint using “infra” light (invisible light), which is detected from a camera placed behind the screen. It’s like real graffiti, without the mess.

The Wall is a perfect interactive tool that can be utilized for any type of event, from weddings to corporate events, from showcases to parties of any kind. The technology allows guests to play with a customized spray paint can with “inserts” that can include your brand or name and date of your event, and any graphics to fit your theme.

The wall features a large palette of colors to choose from, as well as different brush sizes, and other customizable features that allow for shading and highlighting to give your artwork the ultimate depth!


Our technology allows for instant Facebook upload so you can share your artwork instantly with friends and family. And since we are all about the experience, we create a customized slideshow to music of your choice which is shared just days after the event via facebook, our video blog, or YouTube. Choose how you share!