Meet The Team

Tina Gramann

Virtual Graffiti Artist

I have worked in the arts and in theatre education for over 10 years, and have produced, directed, and choreographed at ZACH Theatre, Austin Shakespeare Festival, and numerous schools and districts. I received my Master of Fine Arts from the University of Houston. I have served as a Young Master Panelist for Texas Commission on the Arts, and am currently nominated by the Texas Education Agency Committee to revise the Fine Arts TEKS in Spring 2012.

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Tina’s Truck-Hand painted Murals, Signs, Mosaics, & More

Michael Dehay

Virtual Graffiti Artist

While at the University of Texas Michael participated in an unique program that pushed the boundaries of technology and Art. The ACTlab (advanced communications technology) allowed him to peruse the obscure as well as expanding his own art forms. He has created multiple large scale art pieces as well as numerous accompanying songs. He currently continues to create a unique blend of music and art while also contributing heavily to the creative process of the Graffiti wall and Flipbooks.

Partial performance

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Daniel Grant Graffiti Artist
Daniel Grant

Virtual Graffiti Artist

Daniel Grant is a self-taught native Texan, whose work ranges from everything from recycled canvas paintings to large scale aerosol murals. This part-time sushi chef and “jack of all trades” has had his art displayed throughout Austin, in p laces such as Pho Thaison and DK Sushi. With an entrepreneurial attitude, Grant also founded the Starving Art Dinner in 2011, which has helped to bring exposure and raise money for local artists. For the future, he plans to continue to learn and create in all mediums in order to one day make art his full-time career.

Grayson Lauffenburger Digital Graffiti ArtistGrayson Lauffenburger


My resume is sort of all over the map, both literally and figuratively. I have a BA in Classical Studies from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, studied marketing in the Netherlands, taught kindergarten in Hungary, and excavated Etruscan ruins in Tuscany. I am also a big fan of fishing and Haribo gummi candy. My main interest, however, is photography and it was that pursuit that lured me to Austin in the first place. I got into the art in 2011 and seldom a day has passed where I haven’t been attached at the hip to my camera. Here in Austin I own and operate Seventh Seal Studios with an archaeology buddy of mine and I also do freelance work wherever someone has something tantalizing to offer. Also, I hate having my picture taken.

Kelly McTavish Digital Artist

Kelly McTavish

Virtual Graffiti Artist

I am a local Austin artist specializing in printmaking and oil painting. Originally from Southern California and Dallas, I got my Bachelors of Fine Art at Baylor University then moved to Austin to continue my work at my studio on the East Side. I love to explore human relation with nature and our environment. My other loves are photography, reading, rock climbing, Barton Springs, kayaking, travel, and ultimate frisbee.